Sara Singh MPP, Brampton Centre

Government of Ontario

Improve Long Term Care


Whereas quality care for the 78,000 residents of (LTC) homes is a priority for many Ontario families;

Whereas the provincial government does not provide adequate funding to ensure care and staffing levels in LTC homes to keep pace with residents’ increasing acuity and the growing number of residents with complex behaviours;

Whereas several Ontario Coroners’ Inquests into LTC home deaths have recommended an increase in direct hands-on care for residents, and an increase in staffing, and the most reputable studies on this, recommend 4.1 hours of hands-on care per day;

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to:

pass the Time to Care Act, to guarantee a minimum standard of 4 hours of care per resident per day, adjusted for acuity level and case mix.



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